Public Lectures

2012 July 3, Gresham College Lecture Series, London, UK

2012 October 28-29, New Horizons in Science/ScienceWriters 2012 Conference in Raleigh, NC

2012 University of California at Santa Barbara, SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind

2012 November 29, The University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre's annual Dr. Tulp's Anatomy Lesson Lecture

2013 March 1, The Darwin College Lecture Series, Cambridge, UK ,

2013 March 14-15, The University of Sao Paolo Conference "From the complex etiology of diseases to translational strategies"

2013 March, The 2nd Annual John F. Greden, M.D., Scholar in Residence Lecture, University of Michigan

2014 August 28, Keynote address, TryFonden's Center for Child Research, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

2014 November 28, Honorary doctorate speaker, Basel University, Switzerland

2014 December 13, Keynote address, International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR), Graz, Austria

2015 March 13, Keynote address, International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS), Amsterdam, Netherlands,

2016 August 7, American Psychological Association, Distinguished Career Award Lecture, Denver, Colorado

2016 October 18, Screening of "The Science of Us" at Motorco Music Hall. Sponsored by Duke University Science & Society Program

2017 August 22, Good Childhoods are Smart Investments. Eilert Sundt Jubilee Lecture, University of Oslo