Why Americans object to genetic research on violence

Ethical, legal and social issues surrounding research on genetic contributions to anti-social behavior
by Colleen M. Berryessa, Nicole A. Martinez-Martin, Megan A. Allyse


MAOA, childhood maltreatment, and social behavior: Meta-analysis of a gene-environment interaction by Amy L. Byrd, Stephen B. Manuck

Byrd's reply to a critique

How does genetic information influence sentencing

The double-edged sword: Does biomechanism increase or decrease judges' sentencing of psychopaths? by Lisa G. Aspinwall et al.

Articles of Interest

Dangerous DNA: The truth about the 'warrior gene' by Ed Yong

Exploring links between genes, violence, environment by Trine Tsouderos

Lighter Sentence for Murderer with 'bad genes' by Emiliano Feresin

Murderer with 'aggression genes' Gets Sentence Cut by Ewen Callaway

Race and Genetics in Court by Anjana Ahuja

The Get Out of Jail Free Gene by Anjana Ahuja

Courts' increasing consideration of behavioral genetics evidence in criminal cases: Results of a longitudinal study by Deborah W. Denno

Behavioral genetics in the court

Behavioral genetics in the court by Nicholas Scurich and Paul S. Appelbaum

Books of Interest

Book cover for Defending Jacob, by William LandayFor those interested in the MAOA gene, and the role of genetics in forensic settings, we recommend William Landay's 2012 courtroom drama, Defending Jacob.

Movies of Interest

Movie Poster for Assassins CreedAssassins Creed is a 2016 action/adventure movie based on the video game. By going to this blog, you can learn more about how the movie portrays and deals with genetics, including the MAOA gene.