Karen Sudgen


Karen graduated from the University of Liverpool with a B.Sc in genetics and received a Ph.D. from the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) Centre, King’s College London, focusing on the study of genetic and genomic influences on behavior and mental health. Her current appointment is with the SGDP Centre and Duke University’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy.

Her current research focus is on the collection and analysis of biological information in large longitudinal cohorts. In particular, she is interested in applying cutting-edge molecular approaches to understand the biological mechanisms influencing normal and abnormal behavior. Karen also teaches and advises on methodological issues related to biomarker collection in population-based cohorts.

In her time away from the lab bench, Karen unwinds by attempting to live out the smallholding fantasy. Don’t be fooled by Felicity Kendal’s glamour (for all you ‘Good Life/ Good Neighbors’ fans); this largely involves lots of digging dirt and cleaning up after livestock. When not hugging a chicken (which should be mandatory for everyone), working at the sewing machine, or baking bread, she can be found riding horses whilst being thankful she is not face-first on the ground.

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