Book of Interest

"Rethinking Juvenile Justice" Scott ES, and Steinberg L., 2008 Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Psychology, Crime, and the Law

"Roper vs. Simmons, 2004" View the website that discusses the case.

Graham v. State of Florida / Sullivan v. State of Florida, Criminal Justice Legal Foundation Brief, American Psychological Association Brief

Biology, Crime, and the Law

Behavioral genetics in the court by Nicholas Scurich and Paul S. Appelbaum

"The Double-Edged Sword: Does Biomechanism Increase or Decrease Judges' Sentencing of Psychopaths?" by Lisa G. Aspinwall - An empirical study of sentencing judgements suggests that perceived biological predisposition induces leniency.

"Courts' increasing consideration of behavioral genetics evidence in criminal cases: Results of a longitudinal study" by Deborah W. Denno