Meta-analysis in 2017

Culverhouse et al., (2017). Collaborative meta-analysis finds no evidence of a strong interaction between stress and 5-HTTLPR genotype contributing to the development of depression. Molecular Psychiatry, 00, 1–10.

Views About Gene-Environment Interaction (GxE) Research

Duncan et al., (2014). Mind the gap: Why many geneticists and psychological scientists have discrepant views about gene-environment (GxE) research. American Psychologist, 69, 249-268.

Interesting empirical articles, 2015

Rocha et al., (2015). Gene-environment interaction in youth depression: Replication of the 5-HTTLPR moderation in a diverse setting. American Journal of Psychiatry, 172, 972-985.

Suppli et al., (2015). 5-HTTLPR and use of antidepressants after colorectal cancer, including a meta-analysis of 5-HTTLPR and depression after cancer. Translational Psychiatry, 5, e631.

Meta analysis in 2014

Sharpley et al. (2014) "An update on the interaction between the serotonin transporter promoter variant (5-HTTLPR), stress and depression, plus an exploration of non-confirming findings." Behavioural Brain Research, 273, 89-105.

Beyond Versus

James Tabery, a philosopher and historian of science, has written a fascinating book about the struggle to understand the interaction of nature and nurture.

Link to MIT Press and advance reviews of the book

Meta-analysis in 2013

Culverhouse et al. (2013) "Protocol for a collaborative meta-analysis of 5-HTTLPR, stress, and depression" BMC Psychiatry, 13, 304.

Letter to Culverhouse, June 2012

Response to Culverhouse et al., (2014) "Bias in a protocol for a meta-analysis of 5-HTTLPR, stress, and depression" BMC Psychiatry, 14, 179.

Media Coverage in 2012

David Dobbs Wired Science

Meta-analysis in 2011

Karg et al. (2011) "The serotonin transporter promoter variant (5-HTTLPR), stress, and depression meta-analysis revisited." Archives of General Psychiatry, 68, 444-454.

Hardy et al. (2011) "Genes and Environment in Psychiatry:Winner's Curse or Cure?." Archives of General Psychiatry, 68, 455-456.

Blakely et al. (2011) "Genetic Indeterminism, the 5-HTTLPR, and the Paths Forward in Neuropsychiatric Genetics." Archives of General Psychiatry, 68, 457-458.

Media Coverage of Karg et al.

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Review of research about GxE in 2010

Caspi et al. (2010)."Genetic sensitivity to the environment: The case of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTT) and its implications for studying complex diseases and traits." American Journal of Psychiatry, 167, 509-527.

Meta-analysis in 2009

Risch et al. (2009)."Interaction between the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR), stressful life events, and risk of depression: A meta-analysis." JAMA, 301, 2462-2471.

Responses to Risch et al.

Drs. Moffitt and Caspi's Response letter for the Press

Letters to JAMA in response to Risch et al. and Risch's reply to letters

Rutter et al. "Gene-Environment Interactions: Biologically valid of artifact?"

Uher & McGuffin "The moderation by the seratonin transporter gene of environmental adversity in the etiology of depression: 2009 update"

Kramer reply in AACAP News

Rutter editorial in Depression and Anxiety

Palla et al. "Challenges in the Use of Literature-based Meta-Analysis to Examine Gene-Environment Interactions"

Media Coverage of Risch et al.

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